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Hello All;
I usually do everything in SQL Server these days, however, I have an site that is just so small, that it is going to be using an Access database.
This is the code that I am using to generate the Google Sitemap with, however, there is code here that does not translate over to ACCESS Database.

SELECT imageid, imagetitle, MedUpdate as DefaultTime, convert(varchar(11),MedUpdate,121) as UModDate, CONVERT(CHAR(8), CONVERT(DATETIME, MedUpdate, 113), 114) AS UMilTime, convert(varchar(11),MedDate,121) as JDate, CONVERT(CHAR(8), CONVERT(DATETIME, MedDate, 113), 114) AS JTime FROM Images GROUP BY imageid, MedUpdate, MedDate, imagetitle order by imageid

Could someone please convert this over to a working ACCESS Query please?