ok, in the near future a want to build a computer. i have never done this before so i dont know what to get. i have picked out the case but thats all i know.
what do you recommend for components?
this is the case i want.

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good case, just get one with a power supply in it, im getting that same case tommorow with a 420 psu in it ;)

you need


non of th elinks work for me

i think its because there updating the website. did it bring u to the site

My favorite online vendor for components is NewEgg, might be worthwhile comparing with BestBuy.


Picking out computers is like picking out cars. Do you take the cadillac to Menards / Home Depot to haul drywall home, or do you take the Pickup truck to the Airport to pick up 6 business associates that just flew in?

What would you like to do with this computer? Video digitizing? Games? Simple word processing? What OS are you thinking of? Linux? Windoze?

Computers are tools, just like cars, and what you are going to use them for should be part of your design process.


Looks pretty nice to me!

My favorite online vendor for components is NewEgg, might be worthwhile comparing with BestBuy.

Agreed. Newegg is almost always cheaper than any standard retail outfit. The money you save on parts from them could be put towards more memory, or a better graphics card.

...This is just a personal thing, but I've never really liked the Xaser cases. They're really nice IMO functionally, but they just look really ugly to me. I'm kind of partial to these two right now, I'm buying one of them for my wife:

The Antec Super Lanboy Aluminum:

The Antec Silver Aluminum Performance 1 Series:

My wife's really wanting the Performance 1 Series, so that's what she's probably going to get. In the very near future, I'm going to build a box with this:

It's a really nice looking desktop case, as I need a smaller PC that still uses an ATX board. But again, that's just my opinion-- feel free to pick whatever case you want.

edit: went ahead and merged your two threads together, since they were so much related

do all motherboards come with a built in sound card? and if it did would u be able to add a better sound card

what is a good graphics card

link please

can u use ur old cd-rom and floppy drive on a new computer

Quick word of advice: Don't double/triple-post... you can just edit your single post and then add additional questions if needed.

But on the first question, no, not all motherboards have integrated sound cards. But, those that do can have them disabled and upgraded if needed.

Second question: It depends on your budget. I'm going for an ATI Radeon 9800 here soon. It's a 128MB card, and it can be found for around $200 at various retail channels.

...And yes. You can use your old CDROM and floppy drive on a new computer.

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