This sql command is for PHP but this is what happen to it after php had made chenges:

UPDATE Catalog SET Table='Harrow_VH'  WHERE Name='Variable Action Harrow'

I get this error both places php and mysql client it self:

MySQL said:

You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'TABLE = 'Harrow_VH' WHERE Name = 'Variable Action Harrow'' at line 1

Please help as i have no idea what to do and tried everthing i knew... :confused:

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Your question is constructed in way making it difficult to read, but I have 1 thing for you.

"table" is a reserved word in MySQL. You should not name a colulmn "table". You can use reserved words, but in your queries, you'll have to put brackets around the reserved word like this:

$sql = "UPDATE Catalog SET [Table] = 'Harrow_VH' WHERE Name = 'Variable Action Harrow'";

But do yourself a favor, do not name any objects in your database using any of the reserved words.


Thanks A lot

Sorry about the wrong way of writing as i was in a hurry. ;)

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