I need help creating a database for my website. I want the user to be able to sign into their personal account and add comments, have their own profile page, and add friends. My friend is creating a Garry's Mod (video game) server and I was gonna design the website for the players if they wanted to check us out. We've been wanting to create this website since we were 13. Playing on the servers inspired us to create our own improved server. We are currently using a free hosting server until we can rely on our donating money to buy our own hosting server. I really need help to get this done.

Website: www.tga.byethost11.com

It sounds like you would want to install some existing open source software to manage user login, profile pages, forums, etc. You really don't need to be doing this yourself from scratch.
Just hit up google for free forum software and start browsing.

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