Hello guys,
I have Oracle9i installed in my homepc and my O.S. is Windowsxp-professional. Now,I want to connect Vb using Microsoft OLE DB Provier for oracle. For this i have done the following steps---
1. Created a text document and renamed it with extension .udl
2. On openning the file i got a provider window from where i selected Microsoft OLE DB Provier for oracle and clicked next
3.In the connection window i gave username & password of my oracle database (ofcourse i didn't give host string, being a homepc i'm not connected to any lan)

But after doin this when i'm testing the connection with test connection button it gives error message--
conection failed.error message cannot be rerieved from oracle

I'm not getting what is the problem . please help me out....

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That's good.
Do you have a valid tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora file? ie., please post them here.
They are in your Oracle home directory (like ORA92)

If you version of 9i is old they will be in (oraclehome)\NET80\ADMIN
Otherwise they will be in (oraclehome\NETWORK/ADMIN

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