I'm in a Java class we are using netbeans to create a program. I have the code in and it builds but it will not run. Can anyone assist

Try again but make something simple like Hello World. If that doesn't run, it could be some IDE or such issue.

Since no one knows your setup, can you paste your code into say, ideone.com?

How to use Ideone?
Choose a programming language, enter the source code with optional input data... and you are ready to go!

Thank you I appreciate the information. After trying this it shows that I have one error on line 14 but I don't know how ti fix it

You want us to help with an error in your code, but you don't tell us what the code is or what the error message is?
We're not mind readers.

commented: Not only that but I'm glad I've only seen mind reading in movies. +10
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