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How can i simply review Q/A on forum databases??? Of course, a couple of years ago, I simply called up, selected a forum, e.g. internet, databases, mysql and then I had seen Q/A on mysql database.

Now I am back (because of your mails "we miss you 1StDAN) and there is only DANIWEB, 1stDAN, Finder, Inbox to click on???

Where the hell are your forums to click ????

I am about to give up for now !


once you have selected a main category, just add one or more tags, as you did with forums, for the database flavour you wish to write about. That helps people to filter what they want to read, but the thread will still be visible in the main category, i.e. in databases.

To see the other sections click on the blue burger icon on the up-right side of the page, it will open a dropdown menu.

In the community center you can read about the tag system and the new categories.

How can i simply review Q/A on forum databases

See if you find it under Finder > My Favorite Forums > Databases. I too was gone for a long time, and now that I am back, the Databases shows up there (along with other ones). If you were actively posting on that forum, it will probably be there already. I totally understand your frustration. I am yet to find a way to modify/update My Favorite Forums or My Favorite Tags list or an FAQs page with instructions on how to achieve that.

If it is not under Finder > My Favorite Forums, then try Finder > Featured Forums. Otherwise, as cereal suggested, the blue icon on the upper-right-hand-side of the page contains the main categories.

Most threads are tagged (all new threads must be tagged). Type one or more keywords in Search then click the magnifying glass. Some areas that used to have their own forum (such as geeks-lounge) can now be found using the old forum name as the tag.

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