I need help to create a relational database for shop.The database should contain a column for barcode in order to register items and also to read details of items using barcode scanner.Besides this database will contain tables for performing all operations for shopping store items what are those operations I don,t know but I need it for shopping store.


Re: Sale Purchase database for shop 80 80

Looks to me like you have put zero effort into doing it yourself. Please read the Daniweb Posting Rules and Suggestions For Posting Questions.

Re: Sale Purchase database for shop 80 80

I see you've been admonished so let me write about something I see done "after the fact."

In the classroom and even in a business I see DATA SECURITY be ignored until there's a breach or complaint. The most glaring failures I see are the old name and password databases. Then for a store the new to this programmer might store the buyer information in clear text in these databases as well.

It's not like this is new territory but you see this omission again and again which explains partially why data breaches and leaks are so common.

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