Hi all,
Before I begin this question, and before you tell me we dont do homework, I would like to state that I have read a few articles, I have tried a couple of functions (=REPLACE, =SUBSTITUTE) but i'm not able to get the reuslts require, I'm new to Excel
Question: Useappropriate text functions to shorten the variable names to something like Arizona Females Young, Arizona Females Old, and Arizona Females All, also is there a way to do it automatically for all variables in 1 function. The screenshot is attached.
It is kind of urgent (I understand people help within their own time).
Thanks in advance.


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i hope this explains.

commented: I'm sorry, I am trying hard to understand but maybe I'm not getting it, I'll manually edit and show you what i want +0

so thats when u can use the formula =RIGHT(A4, LEN(A4)-2) this will remove the fight 2 letters

commented: Please see the screenshot below +0

Please see this

and if u use =LEFT(A4, LEN(A4)-9) this will remove the last 9 words hope that explains

commented: Maybe can you show me an example of the function with the screenshot above? +0

use replace the old text,starting number, number character, text u want to change .

commented: the reason i am not opting for that option is because i have so many states +0

u can use abbreviation of the states or u can type = replace then scroll down to make sure everything is marked then replace with what u want to replace with

I got the answer thanks for the help

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