I work here at UPS in the HR department and they use a Microsoft Access mdb database that connects to oracle servers to retrieve tables. It then creates a local copy of the tables and the queries run off that. The tables are updated every morning at 6am by a person manually.

I'd like to know that for the people who have similar databases, do you guys have scripts written to autoupdate them through odbc? Also, a catch is that it resides in a zip file on the network because multiple users access it.

I was thinking a visual basic program that resembles a keystroke macro to open the file and run the update macro, then put it back in the zip file. Any ideas? If it has to be out of the zip file, I may be able to change the rules around here a bit but I am researching on alternatives.

Thanks, that program looks pretty good. The price is quite steep though, I wonder if there are great automation programs out there that might do the same...or do you really recommend this program?

We had tried few software ( we have a lenghty evaluation process before we pick a software:)) and Automation Anywhere scored the most points.

There is also a free software Autoit. I didn't like it, but give it a try.

Awesome, thanks alot. I will let you know how that goes!

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