I am developing a simple calender in my site which will display the next upcoming birthday of my member.

I have a table which has 2 column

cname | dob
Joe | 9/12/1982
Mathew | 2/17/1997
Pat | 8/23/1880

What SQL Query should I use to get the name of that person?

Hi, i think the following should help / give you an idea (eg retrieves names of members whose dob falls in current month--according to system date)

select cname from tablename wherE
datepart (mm,convert(datetime,dob))
= (select datepart(mm,convert(datetime,getdate())) )

Thanx but it generates this error

Error Type:
Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80040E14)
Syntax error. in query expression 'datepart (mm,convert(datetime,dob)) = (select datepart(mm,convert(datetime,getdate())))'

Are you using Access and Jet?
Datepart will not work--it works only with SQL Server

Yes I am using Access and Jet

Any other solution?

Yes I am using Access and Jet

Any other solution?

suppliment his solution a little. what language are you using to build the database. you may be suited to just use that language to get the current date and then pass that into the query.