I have a web site that I've set up, and has been running for several years. The client has MS SQL Server. When it comes to the administration side of SQL Server, admittedly I don't know enough.

The web application has been running fine, but we've been getting errors with one particular table. I believe the table has around 1500 entries, collected regularly over the past three years.

When I open up the table now in Enterprise Manager and run a query returning all rows, I'll scroll down about 400 records and this error pops up, I have no idea what it means:


Does this mean my table is corrupt? And, is there a way to fix it short of pulling it from the backup tapes? (This apparently has been an ongoing problem, and the client just made me aware of it, so the backup tapes probably have the corrupt table as well.)

see DBCC CHECKTABLE in BOL for more info... be careful about the repair, as it could invalidate.. but it should fix the table even if some of the data might be lost. Good luck!