I'm a novice at microsoft access and I'm trying to make a validation rule to limit what can be entered in a field for hours worked. I set the field size to decimal. I set it up to have 2 digits to the right and left of the decimal point. An axample is for an 8 hour day you would have to enter 08.00. I set it up to limit it to 24 hours by putting <24 in the validation rule box, too. The real problem is I need for the time to be entered in 1/4 hour increments, such as, 6.00, 5.25, 8.50 or 7.75. I've tried a few different ways but nothing is working. I could please use anybodies help with this.



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There is something fundamentally incorrect with what you are doing.

I am guessing that you used "Decimal Places" to set the digits right of the decimal separator. That won't work because the setting is only for what data needs to be displayed. You need to set the "Scale" for the number of digits to be stored to the right of the decimal separator. You would also need to set the "Precision" to 4 to have two digits on the left and two on the right.

I tried it this way and it works for me. :)


...And to provide the final touch about the validation part configure your table column as follow:

At the time of field creation in design view...

Field Name: hours
Data Type: Number

And now the field general properties (at the bottom, in design view)

Field Size: Decimal
Scale: 2
Decimal Places: 2
Validation Rule: ([hours] * 100)Mod(25) = 0
Validation Text: The entered value should be in steps of 0.25

And voila, the field will work as you expected it to work....

PS: Moving this thread to the MS Access Forum...

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