Hi. I have just installed 2005 in my on my database server.
Now, I have a web server and will need to access my database
from my web server for simple stuff such as querying the database
and checking tables, etc, etc. What should I be installing on the
Web server? Should I be downloading the full installation like I
did on my database server? Seems like over-kill, no? What are
the 2005 basics I will need for accessing my DB server over the network?

Thanks in advance.

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is it the express or full version?

Hi. Thanks for responding.
Its the full version of the express.
That is what I have installed on the database server.
Now, I just want to be able to query the db server from
the web server and make sure that the code I am writing
on the web server is checking out with the tables, etc.
I dont know much about networking SQL - do I need to
reinstall the full express package on my web server?

thanks for any help.


No i dont think so. I do alot of web development using Visual Web Developer. My development machine has jus the IDE (No SQL) and my DB server has SQL. All i do is create a connection pointing to the DB server.


ok, thanks. yes, i use the same IDE. but, in VWD you can't run queries, you just have access to tables.

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