Hi all

i have 2 DBs: Energy & Users

-id (pk)

-id (pk)
-userid (fk)

Description of workflow:
there are a number of titles in "Energy", and each user has more than 1 titles.

I would like to display Users's Nick, and LATEST TITLE (which is according to the dateposted).

How should i do it?

i tried:

select nick, energy.dateposted from users
join energy
on energy.userid = user.id

but the retrieved results = a list of records with the same nicks for few of the records.

something like that..
2007-04-25 11:40:07.000 val
2007-04-25 11:51:49.000 val
2007-04-25 14:36:45.000 val
2007-04-25 16:14:36.000 val
2007-04-25 16:23:42.000 susu
2007-04-25 16:24:20.000 susu
2007-04-25 16:29:24.000 susu

what i want is to have 2 records for this, which is something like..
2007-04-25 16:14:36.000 val
2007-04-25 16:29:24.000 susu

can anyone please help me with this? thanks alot!

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it think this should work

select nick, max(energy.dateposted) from users
join energy
on energy.userid = user.id
group by nick
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