First of all it's free...

So far I've found it to be a better program than MS Office 2000, are there any pros and cons I should know of as far was word processing, spreadsheets, or presentations go?


I don't know much about MS Access since it's been a while since I took a class and haven't used it since, but does SOT Office have a program similar to Access?


This is the first I have seen of the software. What surprises me is that it is for Linux, and it is not downloadable. A lot of software for linux can be downloaded and tried right away.

I like the OpenOffice suite. Am looking for groupware stuff now, so I can do calendaring and such.

Have you downloaded it? Does the software allow for proper printing, fonts, page management, that sort of thing?


Sorry if I am pushing this in the wrong direction but I agree, Open Office is a great program. Check it out:

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