I am looking for a set of buttons (CODE) for making a NAV set for php and mysql, I need next prev top bottom along with edit add delete reset, any one know of a good starting place to look at least?

I would like for it to be working with CSS and maybe Dreamweaver too.

I will be willing to share my findings with the forum.

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We wont do it for you. Thats not how it is. Post some code and well help.

I was not expecting for anyone to show me how, However I was looking for a solution.

ReRead my original post PLEASE

Just as if I was looking for a database that did a relational approach, some one might say try MySQL or PostgreSQL or similar. I am not looking for a hand out just a hand or someone that knows or has seen more than I have.

Thanks for the warm Welcome here.


I think you could do it so that the "buttons" were hyperlinks to PHP statements which ran the query. You could use mod_rewrite for it i suppose?

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