not sure im in the right section to post this but here we go.
i have built a informational site that lists australian racehorse trainers.
they are listed depending on which state they train in and which area. i would like to add a search facility so if you know the trainers name you can type it in and the page they are listed on will come up.
i have very little knowledge other than basic html.
the web site is thanks in advance rob

Hi Rob,

First off I need to know how you are storing the trainer details, are they in text, xml, html or a database (Access, MySQL, SQL Server etc)

If you want to put them in a database then what you use depends on you ISP (if you use one)



i just typed all the details page by page onto the site via dreamweaver and dont have a database as such.
i added windows live search to the site last night and that seems to find the pages ok but im looking for a better option. regards rob

If it's all just in HTML then google or live search are your best options. You're only really going to improve on that if you build a full application rather than just the website. It's a lot more work if you haven't done it before, but if you are interested in learning then look into a server scripting language like PHP or ASP.

thanks david i appreciate your feedback.