Hi all,
I have a array of 96 integers and I want to store each one in Database. I want to access all these 96 integers in a Java program. Now I am confused about how to store it?
1> wheather i have to store it as 96 fields. ( but this is inefficient to use in program)
2> or store the array in file and store the path of that file.

Please reply as early as possible. Thanks in advance...

Make your requirement a bit more detailed. I am unable to figure out what exactly you want to achieve. You have the post in db section , but it seems all you want to do is store an array which you can refer in your java program. Post details. May be I can help.


Thanx for reply. Now just go through the detail : I am getting a array of 96 integers by the complex calculation. And I want to store this 96 integers for the future reference. (Because each time I don't want to do complex computation to get those 96 integers.). So how to store it in Database ? I have got a suggestion to use Binary data type. so wht r ur views on this? my yahoo id is himanshu1213@yahoo.com

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