I have a school problem, I'm not going to try and hide it. This is for Oracle9i: SQL class. The question we have to write a code for is:
Create a list of customers that will display the characters 'NOT REFERRED' if the customer was not referred by another customer. The reffered column shows a number if reffered for example, 1204. I know I need to use TO_CHAR to change it to string and then NVL to put 'NOT REFERRED'. My quesiton is, if I run this, it gives me an error. I know how to do one at a time, but not together.

SELECT INITCAP(lastname), INITCAP(firstname), TO_CHAR(NVL(referred, 0009999))
FROM customers

if i try adding NVL and (), I get 9999 and when I add 'NOT REFERRED' for my TO_CHAR, I get error:
SELECT INITCAP(lastname), INITCAP(firstname), TO_CHAR(NVL(referred, 'test'))
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01722: invalid number

Any suggestions?

TO_CHAR doesn't fail on null I don't think.


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