Hello. I'm running an client installer for a program which populates a database running in a MSSQL instance over the internet using a system DSN ODBC connection.

The ODBC connection tests work but the installer fails at a certain point with the error "RPC server unavailable". I've posted this on the software forum aswell but I thought I'd post it on a generic MSSQL forum in case the problem's more generic.

It seems to be related to user permissions on the client computer as I have resolved this problem in the past by logging on as a different user with local administrator permissions.

Problem is that I'm trying to get this running on someone else's computer on a more tightly controlled network so I can't just say "Log in as a local administrator" - I need to be able to tell them what the problem is.

I assume it's probably just a check box I need to check or uncheck somewhere against the user profile but I haven't got a clue how to find out which one.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Cheers. Dan