i am having a problem with indexing. In my database, one of my table have 3 foreign key references, All these fields are indexed by default. I need to create an index for a regular seach item. is there any problem regarding performance, if i combine the primary key and the field i mentioned above for indexing? Also if i am creating an index for a primary key separately will the performance degrade? MySql didnot show any error when i created an idex for a primary key.
But it showed a warning that there is an index for same field.
Please give me your suggestion regarding this

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Your primary key is already indexed by default. Creating a second index just wastes memory but should not decrease performance. If you want to know more on how MySQL handles indexes check out their documentation.


And for query optimization maybe look at multi-column indexes if you are passing more than one condition.

Thank you very much:icon_smile:

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