I've used Access to model a new database that now needs to be created in SQL Server Express.

Wow - that's alot of data types!

Can someone tell me what the SQL version of the Access Memo data type is?

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Prior to Sql Server 2005 it would have been text or nText (the n prefix is for unicode data as opposed to ASCII data) as varchar is limited to approx 8000 chars (the max length of a row allowed and if you use it all for one varchar column you got no space left for anymore) Text fields require a little extra work in your Sql statements though :(

If you mean Sql Server 2005 Express then your options are better :)
varchar(max) (non-unicode ASCII chars only)
nvarchar(max) (Unicode chars)

I recommend varchar or nvarchar. If your data is all in plain english (no special chracter sets) then varchar(max) is your baby

Does this answer apply to data types in MS SQL Server 7, also?

I'm coming from the world of MS Access and memo data type.