I am creating a recruitment database and will be using a managed hosted service.

I have read MSSQL is more expensive, but does this matter if I am paying someone else for hosting?

The site is going to be in .NET, and I initially was planning to use MySQL, but I am confused now I have been told there will be cost involved in development either way?

A very confused man...any help appreciated

professionally: compare hosting prices and choose the minimum
and about connecting with application, MySQL team developed libraries to work with .net to be like ado.net

me: choose SQL Server it's my beloved RDBMS :)

Cheers Ramy for the reply, always good to get a personal opinion!

So in effect I can use SQL Server, say enterprise edition for free to design and develop my database and then send it up to a service provider and just pay for my site hosting...?

That's illegal to develop with unlicensed software but let talk freely "we'll be arrested :D"

The hosting won't ask you for your license you just give him the application and database files if s/he supports XYZ edition of SQL Server you pay $M you don't care for his/her license you just host and you aren't responsible if he hasn’t license s/he supposed to provide you with software you need as you pay.

aaahh, starting to make some sense. SQL server it is then...Cheers for your help man..

Sorry I didn't get you "SQL Server it is then...."?