We have a SQL server on a DL380 with 8GB of RAM and 2 processors. This should be enough to host a couple of databases.

When I'm on the same LAN as the server (on the outside of the firewall) a select * from [tablename] returning 12000 records takes less than 3 seconds. When I run the same query from a different location (connected over the internet) it take 43 seconds.

Moving the server to a different locaction and switching off the firewall makes no difference. Connecting to the server over a VPN connection is even a bit slower (45 secs).

Any idea what's happening here?:S

To summarize:
Query returning 12000 records:
- On same machine as the server < 1 sec
- On the same LAN 2 secs
- Just behind the firewall just over 3 secs
- Over the internet (port 1433) 43 seconds
- Over the internet (VPN tunnel) 45 seconds

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bandwidth problem, try to return fewer rows or in another meaning the most needed!! SQL Server not responsible for such lack in performance

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