On July 15, 2010, Unity Technologies was honored with Develop's Industry Excellence Tech Innovator Award and the highly sought-after Grand Prix Award for outstanding contributions to the sector as a whole.

“We’re so honored to receive these fantastic awards,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “Unity Technologies has always been focused on getting game development in the hands of everyone - from the most demanding customers to the indies who are just getting started. This recognition feels fantastic, especially as it’s the very first time a game engine company has received this honor. At the same time, this comes before our launch ofUnity 3 - our biggest update ever, which will truly take Unity to new places.”

When I decided that I wanted to learn how to code for video games, I went to an expert for advice. I'm the type that teaches myself so I wanted an engine that would allow me to learn at my own pace. I went to Anna Kipnis of Double Fine (Lead Game Programmer, Brütal Legend) and she recommended Unity. Not only is Unity used for both indie, low-budget games and high-end games alike, but the engine comes with an overwhelmingly strong support system.

Having started in a basement themselves, the folks at Unity Technologies understand what it's like to start with nothing and keep working at it until you succeed. They offer a free version and yet the moment it was downloaded on my computer, I have continually received quality tips, links and invitations to their community. They treat you like you spent a million dollars with them, whether you're a curious beginner like me or an experienced veteran. For what they're offering with Unity 3, I'd say the price tag is highly reasonable. (Mind you, additional licensing is required to develop your games for consoles such as XBox and Playsation.)

Going to be in Canada in November? Unity's hosting Unite 2010, a developer conference for artists, programmers, designers, researchers, publishers and enthusiasts alike. You can get more information at http://unity3d.com/unite/ .

I'm still learning code myself, so am I bit of a n00b. Honestly, I couldn't tell you if the engine is buggy or not, but based on the positive feedback, recommendations, numerous awards and use by industry professionals, I'd say take a look at Unity if you haven't already.

I really like Unity so far...even if it does make me want to say the name like Rick James. UNIITTYYY!!

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Nicely written! Owing much of my recent accomplishments/knowledge to starting out at a small Development company that always -did the right thing- I love seeing quality work made and honored appropriately. Not enough firms are staying agile enough to keep a focus on quality and member input/experience. Will have to download and check out for myself. :)


Thanks, Digital@ngel! i do recommend checking it out. Hope you know your Javascript, though, that's where I hit a small snag. Hey, a language is a language and I eat it up, ha ha. Love learning new things.

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