Hi guys....I want to make a simple game using openGL

Should I go for GLUT or MFC...don't know anything about any of these....
please refer me to some ebooks on net or tutorials (not very advanced please)

You can use SDL and OpenGL, as they are both cross platform.

There is no such thing as "simple" game using OpenGL, since that automatically implies NeHe and C++. NeHe is notorious for PureC (read non-C++) style that will plague you even years after you are done with first lessons.

These days, if you start with 3d graphics, and you don`t start with XNA and C#, it`s just a pure time-loss and punishment.

Then again, it`s your life, so it`s up to you how much you want to screw it, but if I were you, I`d forget there ever was such a thing as NeHe and OpenGL and just went for the XNA/C# combo.

You have no idea how much time you`ll save by not having to debug through weird memory pointer crashes (that will happen no matter what, if you are just starting).
Of course, that`s assuming you`ll be so lucky to even get a crash, which most of the time you of course won`

Decent reply, wtf (although a littler holier than thou), but notice that you're replying to a thread that's almost 5 years old and to a user that hasn't been around for over a year =)

Most of the community is kind of rabid about resurrecting & replying to dead threads. Just a heads up.

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