I'm working towards a game development degree and I'm not off to a good start. I'm having trouble understanding algorithms. I posted part of an assignment to give an example of what im having trouble with. I'm sure the assignment listed below is extremely elementary for most of you, but please keep in mind that the concepts are completely foreign to me. Any helpful comments or links regarding this material would be greatly appreciated!!

Part A). Input: two integers a and b

a = 108 b = 16

Step 1: Set q to the quotient of a divided by b: {q ßa/b}
Step 2: Set r to the remainder of a divided by b. {r ßa % b} {% is the remainder operator}
Step 3: If r is equal to 0 then go to step 7
Step 4: Set a to b. {a ßb}
Step 5: Set b to r. {b ß r}
Step 6: Go to step 1
Step 7: Print out b and quit

a b Q r
108 16

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So what trouble are you having? It's telling you exactly step by step what to do.

Step 1: q = a/b
q = 108/16
q = 6.75

Step 2: % is modulus or the remainder of a division. So 10/3 would 3 1/10, the remainder is 1.

The steps are pretty self explanatory. Set a to b, should be clear enough.

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