Hello, very new here. I have a few questions actually but the main one involves RAM...I'm currently making plugins for the RPGToolkit (I don't know if any of you use it or know what it is) and a person who has "hired" me to make plugins for a game he will be making using the scripting language, wants me to allow him to use more ram. Now I'm not sure if this is possible using a plugin however I do have access to the open source code and could change it from the inside. If necessary. HOwever I need to know is there a special way to determine how much RAM we use to increase the speed of the program or is the amount determined solely by what it does and how it is put together. I would really love some help in this area. If possible.

Also I noticed a thread for DirectX, and yes it is extremely hard but I find that I cannot use it unless I understand windows programming. And unfortunatly most tutorials I can find are very bad and vague as to how it is done. So if someone can show me where to find a great tutorial on this I would be very greatful. Especially one that goes for either CV++ or Dev-C++ specifically. If there isn't one then a general will definatly do. It's better than nothing. IF you can help thank you so much.

Oh and one more thing. I noticed that VC++ is the only comiler at the moment that can compile my plugins becasue the plugins require the MFC library of Dll's. However I may not always have access to CV++ and so I need to be able to find the MFC library itself to download and place with any other compiler I have. I don't know if that is possible but I hope it is. Thank you again.

Later days.

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I may have some help, but not much right now. There are a few programs you can find through search engines(google), that tells you the exact memory you are using for each program. Also ctrl alt delete, shows how much memory certain programs use also,(XP users). A few programs, i found, can free up ram, to allow the program to run faster. I dont know if this helps you any but atleast i tried :),lol peace

there is no issue that u as a programmer need to worry about concerning RAM, other than running out of it that is! to optimize code, you worry about writing good algorithms, the system RAM has nothing to do with this. as long as u are careful to not leak any memory u allocate, system memory is transparent at the application level. the amount of RAM u process uses depends on how much memory u allocate. if u have a program that is allocating memory an dnever freeing it, then yes that is a problem. but as long as u manage memory properly, as i said, RAM has nothing to do with ur program. if u want to get really advanced, then yes the cache block size is something to take into account, but i dont think that is neither here nor there at this point. as for the other questions, a google will find much for u as mentioned above.

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