I need some direction with getting started making a tile based game/map editor.
I've searched everywhere but nothing really answers my question, so I thought I'd ask myself.

Ok, before anyone says, I want to clear it up, I *want* to make a map editor and game separate applications and I have played around with Mappy and TileStudio, it's just I want to learn for myself. I know C++ and I own Visual Studio 2008.

The direction I need is I want to start making the map editor, but I cannot decide on what I should use to make it, should I use MFC (which I haven't learnt yet) or is there another alternative that is easier/better?

A bit of info if you need it, I just want to make a simple 2D tile map editor, make simple maps, export them in a format both my map editor and game can read.

I hope someone can give me some direction on where I should start exploring!


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well how much time i must required to get full control on this course

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What? None of these questions even make sense.
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