m doin my final year BE-cse...i need a career passion is game design (not coding) like char,areas,etc...but if sme1 really teach me the easiest way to code definetly i will copeup..what is the scope for game designers now a days..???
i want tis information to pursue my higher studies(masters)...the field i select..
if i do well can i be placed in reputed companies...???
aimm to be placed in companies like thq,ubisoft,capcom these are my dream companies,do they recuirt ppl now a days???
or the peroid of gamers is already occupied by personz there??
wat are the averge compensation offered in game cmpanies??

which is the emerging field associated with this???
m pretty much outdated cuz of my fuckin college???

Career advice: Learn to communicate in a professional manner if you expect to be taken seriously. No company recruits individuals who believe "IM speak" is appropriate outside of a chat room or SMS message.


I want to become a game designer too! Depends where you live.. Where I am there's a need for anyone in IT, which is really good. But hey I still have 4 years of Uni to get through. ;)


I want to become a game designer too! Depends where you live.. Where I am there's a need for anyone in IT, which is really good. But hey I still have 4 years of Uni to get through. ;)

i am planning to pursue my masters i applied to australia university of queensland, UTS,RMIT..i got a admission in adelaide where you are plannig to start ur career....

ok i wil try to control my "IM speak"

May not help but I too am going into the direction of Game/Software Design. As soon as I get threw my Generals in college(community.) I'll be off to West Wood College for a degree in Software Engineering ( cannot recall the exact name but its quite similar. )

Anyways, good luck and I hope you get the job you dream of.

To go over what has already been said;

Speaking and Typing, even on the internet in full english, and not short hand, will be a great start. It doesn't show the best of impression, if that is the first thing anyone see's about you. At the end of the day, first impressions count for alot. People can forgive spelling/grammar mistakes (i'm dyslexic), but they don't like it when you think your doing short hand on purpose.

Game Design/Arists in general, there are alot of them out there, and too few jobs atleast in the UK, and as far as I understand the same goes for the US too. Unless you have plenty of experience behind you, or can fill other roles, many find they struggle. One option a few friends in that career choice have had some success with is going freelance.

In terms of expanding your portfolio, experience and knowledge;

For Starters, you'll need the basics of programming languages, so you'll want to learn atleast a key web language(s) like PHP (and XHTML standards), and core programming languages like C++. Get a grasp on those, and you'll be ok, for programming field.

Next up, you'll want to understand the business side of things, from money management to management of people, essentially teaching the basics of leadership skills.

Finally, Learn about every aspect that goes into making a game in the field you prefere and any near it, and understand what it takes, from the Investment Pitches, to Game Development, to the final Marketting and Deploy.

The Games industry, needs more High qualified and specialised Individuals who also are very universally knowledge in all area's, and thus would be perfect and comfortable with a management position. In short they have enough grunts, they are overflowing with those.

Avenues to pursue:

Plan A -
Get yourself in courses and modules to learn what area's you don't know.
Learn and read up on everything.
Do Work placement/experience. (Experience and connections are vital)
Try out Freelance work (Again Experience and connections)

Plan B -

Start up your company with a group of like minded friends, and go for it.
(this is difficult, and requires alot of luck)

wht if i join a small game desiging company and work for 1 yr and after having some experience go to another company?


I am doing my final year under graduation in game programming. Game designer's scope is always good. Not more than programmer's. But its quite good. But as u expect, getting placed in Ubisoft, Rockstar, CryTek etc is not that easy. I advice you to pursue a Masters degree in Game Designing from Abertay University or an Canadian University (sorry i forgot the name). Just google for the university name and prospectus. Or, there is this competition happening every year in Scotland, Dare to be Digital( which encourage young game designers/programmers and make them a future. Just visit the link and explore. If u need any further assistance send a PM to me.