I would GREATLY appreciate any help or advice that you could give me.
My problem is - I need a software that makes a light to turn on, then registers if the right button has been pushed and then, to send a signal another light to turn on.
Please, help me!!!! With any advice...

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Advice: Explain yourself more clearly.

What kind of system? What programming language? What kind of light?


I have to make a game-quite simple one.
It's a board devided in squares. The game starts when one of the squares lights up. Then you have to step on it and after that another light should light up and the purpose is to follow the light by stepping on it.
As i have to make just some kind of a demo version, i thought that the easiest way would be these squares to be some kind of buttons. When you push the button it should register that it has been pushed and to send a signal that another light should light up.

The problem is that i have some how to program these buttons and lights to do the above mentioned things, but I don't know how...

I hope this explanation was better.

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