Would be really fun if we could maybe have some game programming challenges posted here on a weekly basis. This could help adventuring programmers solve their problems by reading past challenges or even expanding their knowledge by solving these challenges.

But we first need to set up a structure. In the meanwhile feel free to share your thoughts! :P

Nice idea. What sort of challenges did you have in mind?

We could start up with some sweet code snippets or mini-games.
Each challenge will have a general explanation of the problem and a tiny hint regarding the solution. You have to make sure you're submitting a challenge and not asking for help, for this reason it would be best if you send me the solution.

Some of the ideas I have:

  • Maze Generator
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Checkers Game

Rules for submitting solutions:

  • Command line interface is the best.
  • Keep it simple, but not too simple.
  • Code can be compiled on Mac, Linux or Windows.

When you solve the challenge be sure to upload and post the code! The first person to solve a challenge gets a good reputation from all the admirers and me!

Would like to receive some constructive feedback!

This idea is great. Looking forward to participate in these challenges.

Sounds like a good idea. Give us some rules, make this thread a sticky and let's go :)

wow this would be really cool.... we need to do this!

This would be cool and I would like to participate.

This seems like a great idea to me too.
I would like to participate.
About the rules : i would like to be able to use python.
You probabled shouldent make the time limit to short (but also not to long :D)
I just hope this will come trough and i would like to help/participate.
I have some ideas like tic-tac-toe or blackjack.
One last question would you want it be a single-playergame (AI) or a game to play with 2 ?

Can I suggest some rules? First I think it would be a better idea to allow any programming language. Also time limits would be set by the person giving the challenge. People add rep to the first person that posts a working code for the game and the best game. You must only submit your own work. Also, you can not participate in your own challenge.

Since nobody has given any real challenges I will start with an easy one (I hope y'all will agree with me just wanting to kick this off):

Create a game where the player is being chased through at least ten levels of randomly generated areas and must escape. There must be at least two different patterns for the chasing entities to follow you. Time limit 1 week starting now.

Does code have to be "brand-new", can you pull stuff out of old projects, or use bits used from your old challenge?