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I have never heard of it, but if they ask $70 for a tutorial my answer would be: No.

Just start with Nehe, it's free and very good.

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I'm in agreement with Nick for nehe. Easily the best "get up and running with OpenGL" site in existence. In addition, you can pick up the OpenGL Super Bible for less than $70 and you'll end up knowing a LOT more than a basic tutorial will give you.


I bought the red book and blue book and I did get the OpenGL tutorials off gametutorials.com I would say they are good for learning a bit of stuff but not worth 35 bucks (35 for just OpenGL and DirectX tutorials). NeHe's website is really bad and I would suggest just using the books even tho they use glut. I would look at NeHe's first tutorial just to get the core code for making a window using OpenGL (pixel format and all that) and then use the books and instead of using GLUT transfer it over into the Win32 code.


Hey guys,
A good friend of mine is going to send me some tutorials so I have decided not to buy it.
thank you all for your help. especially sfuo.

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