Hi guys, I'm planning to make a car game & for that I'll use Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 for programming, directX 10 for the graphics, & Nvidia PhysX engine for the physics. The problem is that I can't find any tutorial of directX and Nvidia PhysX, I only find of openGL and Nvidia PhysX and I would want any link for a tutorial or any example to download for Nvidia Physx and directX.
Also, I would be grateful for any advice for this project.
Thanks in advance for any reply.

SgtMe I wasn't talking about that, I was talking of both joined. I haven't found a tutorial of directX 10 -using- physX, I've only found tutorials of openGL -using- physX.

Sorry double post by accident.

Thanks for the information u had given me. I'll check it, this information will be useful.

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