I want to make a video game. I have no team, so I'm on my own for this. What are the main categories I need to know about making a video game? I know of C++, but what else? Also, are there any books any of you recomend for each given field?

Thank You.

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There 3 primary elements of creating a game.

1. Design - Normally pretty straightforward, but you should put good amount of effort into the design of the game before doing anything else.

2. Media - Essentially creating all the 2d images and 3d models and so-forth that you will need in your game. Creating 2d media is normally considered a lot easier than creating 3d media, so for working on your own I would suggest just tackling 2d media.

3. Programming - Writing the code for your game. I don't know what experience you have with GUIs/Graphics Engines in C++, but it will be necessary to implement something along those lines in your C++ code. I would suggest staying away from implementing anything that is platform-specific. Also, you shouldn't use anything too outdated or deprecated (like graphics.h)

A quick comment on the 3 elements listed by chrjs: Do them in that order as much as possible. It's especially useful to make programming the last thing that actually happens, for a variety of reasons--notably that you'll be able to take advantage of newer technologies without having to rewrite older code.

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