Hey people, just stop by and want to say hi. I have just developed a new html5 game and want to know what do you think about it. You can download it at chrome web store, search for 'Bubble Spark Jack' and download it, let me know if the game runs smoothly on your chrome browser. I have used all html5 coding with no image involves so hope those who loves html5 really enjoy this one. Need feedback, thanks!

Using Chromium 14.something on Fedora, it runs just fine.

That being said, I think the game would benefit from some design changes.

The controls weren't very intuitive. Having to push space to get past the first screen, then 1 to start is annoying. I would change it so that space starts is completely. I'm also not a fan of A/L to move. I would much rather see the option of using A/D to move so I can play one handed. Some people may prefer the option of moving with the mouse.

I felt the game play was a bit cluttered. There were too many balls on the screen at once. The number of balls didn't make it feel challenging, it just made it feel poorly planned. I would suggest starting with less balls and ramp up to more balls in later levels. I also think the balls you are trying to avoid need to be redesigned. Having to remember what colours are bad makes for not really being able to pick up the game very quickly. Perhaps it would work better if you changed the shape, so you're trying to collect circles and avoid squares.