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Is it possible to do auto update in j2me. For example, when the user run the application, it connects to server to see if there is new version available. If yes, than first step is to inform the user with popup or alarm. The first step is not a problem. The second step is if the user click "update", for ex, than the midlet automatically download and run the new version? is it possible to do the second step automatically or the user have to go to the website and dload the new version manually ? Have you seen in practice any midlet that is able to do auto update like this ?

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Never seen or heard anyone to mention such option. As far I'm concerned user has to do manual update.

it's possible after showing the alert that new updated jar is available u can write this code so that it'll download that jar automatically.

try {					
} catch (Exception e) {

can any one tell after auto updation of that jar how to delete the old jar.

1. You just reopened 2 years old thread
2. You provided code that doesn't make any sense (what the hell is "sv" and is "DataMemebers" for)
3. You unlikely to do that with plain J2ME, maybe BlackBerry has more functionality due to it wide usage, but then it will only for BlackBerry platform and not other J2ME platforms

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