Please guide on whats the best practice to return multiple rows in JWS to the consuming client application.

Currently i'm using Netbeans 6.7.


Define the wsdl to have a data structure that contains a collection of records.

btw, whether you use notbeans or not is utterly irrelevant.


Thanks for reply

Objective is to consume the Web service in Midlet. As of now the Web service returns a "List" object , but while creating Java ME Web Service client when i provide the .wsdl url it gives a error message.
".wsdl is not compliant with Java ME Web services Specifications(JSR-172)". Can i use a "List" as return type?

Please elaborate on "data structure" and "collection of records",
i cannot return a "Resultset".

Please help.

Midlet -web services connectivity is well explaind in Jonathan Knudsen book Kicking butt with MIDP and MSA. Unfortunately this is not available under Google Books preview.
There are some tutorials online, this IBM article is interesting plus this university tutorial seems ok