Recently I've been started to get curious about mobile development, specially Geolocation applications, how do they work and stuff... Can anyone point me in the right direction? What should I study, any references and things like that... Specially the following:

1.- How to implement the imagery (like, can i take it from google maps or something)
2.- Is there a standard database to connect to to determine the device's location, and how to make the device location-aware
3.- How does the coordinate system work

Thanks in advance!!

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You need to be little more specific on what type of device development you are looking at Java ME/Symbian/iPhone/Androoid.


Since Java is the one i've got more experience, i'd like to start in J2ME

Can I suggest then you do it in Android as it is also Java based and has better ready-to-use libraries then JME? On top of that JME is very unforgiving because of different devices, plus you do not want to develop for dying platform.
An Android example

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