Hello everyone, im new in the forum.

I am a student and independent developer.
I am dealing with this WRT project for my studies and during my presentations, I will have to make changes in the code and show the results on the app more than 1 time.

But I have limited time for the presentation and it wastes so much time to send the app to the device and reinstall it everytime. Am I too impatient or does anyone else have such time issues reinstalling WRT widgets?

maybe try writing separate app's for each instance if you know how you'll be changing the code ahead of time, you open a copy of the code file and change the code (or alternatively have the additions pre-recorded (does windows still do macro's?) then simply pull a 'heres one I made earlier' people will understand that its to aid the flow of the presentation.

thank u for your advice but unfortunately showing the changes instantly is the point of the presentation :/ first i was considering doing what u said but the project advisor demands it.. in order to show and see the efficieny and bla bla.. so i have been searching for such answer all over the net.

but again, thanks :)

popin advise is good and that is how it is done in real technology world when you have to run a presentation of build on top of previous example. If your advisor is against he/she should attend some development conference and see it in live. Audience doesn't want to see you to compile, wait till its done and run it. They want to see changes and what difference it made to previous example.

sure sure.. i didnt mean it like that. of course the audience doesnt want to see the compile process, neither does my advisor. he wants to see if i can change the code and show the result without the usual "update". it doesnt matter what change i will make, it is the "way" how i will show it..

Thank both of u..

(yay i helped) err so are you thinking more like a demo of a version update like what you get in Firefox for add on's? or am i missing the point again?

im just developing a widget for symbian operating systems..
but nevermind.. i guess i will have to tell my advisor that it is not possible yet :/