Hi, All! This is my first ever post at the DaniWeb forum, and I'm very glad to be here. I have background in Web Development, though I am recently making a change over to Application Development, with an emphasis on Mobile Apps. That said, I just recently began using the Android SDK with the Eclipse Java IDE, which is cool, but I have no other experience with different IDEs or programs and am wondering what else might be out there to help me develop Android apps? I really appreciate any guidance, since I am brand new to App development. Thanks much.

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There is plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, but you have to have Commercial version that cost about £195 (no support for Android in Community Edition, from above link you can see it as 5th item from bottom of first table - IDE Features). There been attempts for NetBeans plugin through Kenai project but they got only as far as 1.5.
Generally you can use Android SDK with any IDE as long as you know how to create/build/compile/execute your code with Ant build provided with SDK. I know plenty people that use Eclipse, personally I use IntelliJ as I prefer this IDE even though I have to pay for it...

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Very helpful indeed.

Thanks, Peter. I appreciate that - I wasn't even aware of the IntelliJ IDE. I just bookmarked and will be looking further into it...

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