hi there,
I'm currently creating my first mobile app, a drinking game (I know, alcohol and technology don't mix. But alcohol and manual calculations are even worse!).
All my data is stored in an 2-dimensional array. the number of users may vary from game to game (=number of rows) but their state does not (fixed number of cols).
My problem: I want to display this data in an overview-table,but haven't got a clue on how to display a table, nor load my array-value into it.
please do "eluminate" me. I do not have Java-experience but I am aware of programming logics. (php, css, javascript..) remember : an other language is the same as learning to speak anew! (so never mind the logics, but do explain the syntax briefly.)
Thanks in advance!!

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Table is not Primary Item of JME. NetBeans provides Table Component for visual midlet. Otherwise you can draw the table using Canvas.
LWUIT also provide this kind of Table.
Hope, these 'll be useful for you.