A Mobile App development contest is going on in our neighborhood.I want to make a 3d game for this contest.

But, I am new in Smart Phone/Mobile device development.I have searched and found few mobile phone game engines, though, they don't specify their exact requirement from phone.

After searching a while i found out, SDL supported phone can run Irrlicht (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net) engine.So, I started looking for SDL supported phone.But, I dont find any condition about this feature in the specification list of any phone.

So, can anyone give me any information about how I am going to start my 3d game dev for mobile phone?
Do, I need to build an engine of my own or I can use an existing engine?If it is, then which engine will be good with which device?

N.B. iPhone is not allowed.

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Android, J2ME and Symbian supports 3D objects. I have no clue about Irrlicht...

Ive got another one.It is EDGELIB.

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