This post about J2ME in Netbeans.
Actually I'm new to mobile development and so interest to learn it. I want to create a jar file and should be attached database to it. (Netbeans has built in database creating facility, which i want to use) There are a lot of codes in the internet for database connection string. those are so complex to understand for beginners. (for an example I expect a very simple code for database connection and please tell me how to attach that database to the JAR file step by step.
I think after initializing my project properly, it will be able to do all other parts using my experience of desktop application.

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There been never intention of bringing serious database to JME devices due to limited processing and memory of the devices. Usually for small storage you would use RecordStore for anything else you would run http POST or GET request to remote server, this will run query for yuo and return result that is basic idea of the llink you provided.
In the last 4 years there hasn't been much of progress in JME devices and that new JME sdk 3 is just rubbish that didn't bring noting new.
If you want piece of advice, learn Android or iOS.

Thanks for the reply peter. Actually i'm using a nokia phone (support only JAR) and want a small application for my personal details. upto now there have not been developed a application like that.
How ever thanks once again for the reply and I will follow the link that you have given me.

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