Hi there,

I've installed the Android SDK on my Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) machine. I don't have internet connection on my machine so I couldn't simply go download and install the required stuff through Eclipse.

Everything worked out pretty well, I'm able to run a virtual device, and I'm also able to create an Android project. But as soon as I click on the option to start an android project, a warning dialog pops up saying: "SDK Platform Tools component is missing! Please use the SDK Manager to install it"...

So we all know now that I can't do that because I don't have an internet connection on the machine. But I do have the SDK on the machine, and in the SDK directory the 'tools' folder is there. So I have no idea why it's not picking it up.

As a result, my 'R' file is not generated, and I think it's because of this tools component missing issue.

Thanks in advance for any help! I'm extremely excited to getting started with developing for Android and want to sort out this issue ASAP :confused:

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