My project scope is on android forensic.

1. After extracting all the information from an android phone, the information is saved to an excel file. Currently, I'm trying to transfer all the data saved in the excel file to MySQL database in Java.

2. After which, implement a feature that sorts all the data extracted in a time-based(earliest to latest timing)order, like a timeline. And I'm unsure how to go about implementing this. Thanks

Current platform used:Eclipse/SQL

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1) In same time as you add these data to Excel you can call a method to save it also in database (You know you have these data in some sort of object which is once used to store it in excel, but you can reuse it and forward to database)

2) What sort you looking for, just by name, type, date some specific info? Is this all gone be run on Android device or is it also desktop application?

1. Will attempt to transfer data by reusing the method. Thanks:)

2. It is an desktop application. The desktop application is already done, it can extract all the data from the phone such as messages, call logs and more android apps. Once data from the phone is extracted, I would like to sort all the extracted data by the Type, Timestamp(date/time), remote party and description of the application.

I though this was entirely Android based project and that was reason why I asked to post in Mobile Development. I'm moving this post to Java section as it is more appropriate.

From your other post I had feeling that you been trying to create some sort of forensic tool, but above sounds more as analysis. You may want to look into Solr use.

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