I need to create a program that will run on Android 2.2 and use Google maps, and location based services. I know it's possible because my HTC Desire does it all the time. My question is how do I get hold of the Google Maps libraries for Froyo (2.2) [android 8] to Gingerbread (3.2.1) [Google update 9] and how do I use them in am Eclipse project [i.e linking and external library or will this be taken care of as so often things are these days] (The source of laziness). Seriously where the guys who designed this architecture on crack or something.

I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give as so far this has proven a head scratcher. In the mean time I'll keep on looking..


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Your post is example of UBER laziness. Just use google and search for i. There are already tons of materials, just like this directly on Adndroid dev site

Thanks for the UBER help, I actually did that, and solved it my self. Back in my day when newbies in a certain domain posted possibly stupid questions, people weren't so rude.

Oh, and BTW it's not i it's 'IT', or is that UBER rude.

Treat people the way you'd like to be treated..

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Try being nice to people, you never know when your going to need their help with something...

And here we go again snappiness as few months back on your Eclipse Java 64/32bit Android development question.
My thoughts

  • I do not care whom you helped how. What matters is what sort of question you are asking and what you tried to get it sorted. As said above this issue would have been solved by simple search. It would be different matter if you got in trouble to get it working.
  • Try post similar stuff on stackoverflow and wait for "friendly" reply

Have good day

Yes well I'm a "snappy" fellow when people talk down to me, I wouldn't let my child talk to me that way, or any of my friends for that matter unless it was a joke, but it wasn't was it. It was you being all cocky. I still happen to believe in manners, it's a shame that they've become a luxury these days, instead of something you should expect. Please don't bother replying, I won't bother coming back if this is the general tone of conversation. Think about it this way. If you where in a bar, and someone asked you where the John was, what would be you answer?

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