Hello friends i know little bit of java programming.but i want to learn Mobile programming.now am starting mobile proramming in J2ME and android..My question s if am well in the mobile programming wil i get job...Mobile programming wil giv good future for me..?pls giv me a good answer..thank you..

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Please take some English course before moving to mobile programming.

as you 've instructed to take som english course i've taken few eng coursewares from my library.. .. ..so u pls try telling bout mobile..progming

You obviously trying to ride the wave of hot technologies, not taking in consideration if you have interest in the area and if you are actually capable of programming.

Many people do enter the development/programming field just failing out shortly disappointed/surprised by continuous learning curve that is expected of good dedicated programmer, thinking "I just finished my course/degree get a job and get paid for sitting behind pc, writing few lines of code and getting well paid". So think loud and tell as how do you fit in this, or we are just wasting our time and letting in another person after whom someone unlucky soul will have to clean all the junk code that you may write.

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