Hi all,

I am beginner in android and,

My question is i want to know where my SQLite database physically reside in my system when i create it as

SQLiteDatabase db = openOrCreateDatabase("MyDB1", Context.MODE_PRIVATE, null);


 db.execSQL("INSERT INTO MyTable(No) VALUES(123);");


and also want to know more about SQLite with android please let me know any site name which provide me some good guide line for database connection with SQLite with Android

thanx in advance :)

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@john_beginner database does normally reside in /data/data directory. You can access it either from connected device or emulator by use of adb tool. Simple example of usage can be found here

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hello john
with the basic knowledge i am having the database created using sqlite is a virtual one
it cannot be viewed externally

thank you but can you suggest me any good tutorial for SQLite on internet ?

i dont know specific sites that helps you but i think u can look the android's sitedeveloper.android.com/resources/tutorials/
i am not confident on how much this may help u
but u can view it
and jst try to google by asking your doubts in google
this is the only way to get some idea on the topic u wish

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